No one should have to put down their pet because they can’t afford veterinary care. Join Waggle’s mission to end economic euthanasia.

Each year, 500,000 pet guardians in the U.S. are faced with the realization that the potentially life-saving treatment their beloved pet needs is beyond their financial reach. One of those pets, Pepper, a black Labrador, sat on death row in an animal control facility, sick and hairless. The municipal shelter could not afford to give the dog the medical care she needed. When potential adopters saw her, they looked the other way. Finally, an already overburdened nonprofit animal rescue saved Pepper and struggled to pay her veterinary bills.

Pet owners, shelters, rescue groups, and animal hospitals face this gut-wrenching dilemma each day: "Should a dog or cat be euthanized because no one can afford their medical treatment?"

You can help pets like Pepper in their moments of need by supporting Waggle's work to end economic euthanasia.

Economic euthanasia is the circumstance in which one must put their pet down rather than provide life-saving treatment because the costs are out of reach for the family. This doesn't just impact individuals; shelters face this tragic decision every day. As a result, these already overwhelmed organizations are further stressed and compromised. 

Waggle is the only pet-dedicated crowd-funding platform that partners directly with leading veterinary providers and rescues to reduce economic euthanasia, thereby giving options to pet guardians and second chances to the dogs and cats they love. The critical partnership between Waggle and veterinarians ensures that 100% of donations flow directly to the pet's medical care – an assurance other crowd-funding platforms can't give. 

With the financial support from Waggle, Pepper received all the veterinary care she needed. She is now gorgeous, healthy and is living with her new adoptive family.  We can save countless pets like Pepper if we work together to end economic euthanasia — sign up to support Waggle today.

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