Save Our Salem-Keizer Volcanoes * 5 time NWL Champions * Alumni Won 3 World Series * 2007 National Minor League Team of the Year *

Your Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, one of the most decorated and storied affiliated Professional Baseball franchises in Pacific Northwest history, is facing an unprecedented threat to be eliminated. The Volcanoes have been nationally recognized for its support of Veterans, those affected by cancer, women in leadership and cultural diversity. Volcanoes Nation stands together to Save Our Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (SOS).

Update #3Een maand geleden
Dear Amazing Supporters of Your Salem-Keizer Volcanoes,

Please email right away to opt-in for some Exclusive & Exciting News on the Save Our Volcanoes international sports movement. Thank you for your historic support of "America's Minor League Baseball Team".

Your Salem-Keizer Volcanoes
Five-Time Northwest League Champions
Three-Times Alumni on San Francisco Giants World Championships
Update #24 maanden geleden
Fans are asking WHAT can they do? Purchasing Volcanoes Tickets for the 2020 season will bolster our cause and show a groundswell of support.

Great Offers: FREE Ticket for Opening Night plus a FREE Edgar Martinez Hall of Fame Bobblehead with the purchase of a Premium Flex Pass.

Or, 20 FREE Anytime Lower Level Box Seat Tickets with the purchase of 20 Anytime Lower Level Box Seat Tickets. For details email or call 503-390-2225. Thank you for helping to Save Our Volcanoes!
Update #14 maanden geleden
Dear Volcanoes Nation,
On behalf of your Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, thank you so much for being the first 1,750 petition signatures to save this historic ball club. Our players, coaches, front office staff and the entire community have been touched by your global support. We believe that Minor League Baseball represents the very fabric of working folks of all possible backgrounds and global communities. You stand with us. We stand with you. Together. we'll change the world. Sincerely, Justin Lacche
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