Demand an investigation into Monsantos, Now

    Chemicals used by this corporation endangers all life on our planet. Most health studies have focused on the safety of glyphosate, rather than the mixture of ingredients found in Roundup. But in the new study, scientists found that Roundup's inert ingredients amplified the toxic effect on human cells—even at concentrations much more diluted than those used on farms and lawns. Glyphosate also kills bees and it isn't the only Monsanto ingredient charged with bee mortality either. The company also sells seed treatment with neonicotinoids, a class of insecticides scientifically shown to kill pollinators like bees and butterflies. In 2013, the European Union banned neonics from outdoor use. Because the future of the Human Race hangs in the balance. GMOs kill human liver & kidney cells and cause cancer. It is killing our bees that our planet can not survive without. See the recent French study.
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