Zero Tolerance for Violence Against Children

Every child has the right to a childhood free from harm, but sadly New Zealand has one of the worst records of child abuse in the developed world.

On average, a New Zealand child dies every five weeks as a result of violence, often at the hands of a family member. 

But Child abuse isn't just physical violence. It may be facing constant criticism, being degraded, or feeling fearful at home.

It could be failing to receive medical care, being left alone unsupervised, or receiving excessive discipline. It might also be inappropriate touching, or adults initiating sexual conversations with children.

Most child abuse occurs within the family environment but it can happen anywhere - at school, in the larger community, or online.

The signs of child abuse are not always obvious, and abuse frequently goes undetected and unreported.

UNICEF are working tirelessly to create a future free of violence against all children - but to do that we need your help.

Please add your name to raise awareness of this crisis and demand zero tolerance for violence against children.

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