Are your travel plans animal-friendly? Find out with this free checklist.

Up to one quarter of the trillion-dollar tourism industry is driven by demand for wildlife tourism. Unfortunately, when travellers cash in for elephant rides, a swim with captive dolphins, or a photo with a lion, wild animals wind up paying the ultimate price — a lifetime of suffering, neglect, abuse, and death. 

Ironically, the massive demand for wildlife tourism often comes from travellers' fondness and appreciation for wild animals. As tourists, we have the power to stop this. By making animal-friendly choices on holiday, you can reduce the demand for wild animals in entertainment, all while experiencing the beauty and grace of these creatures in their natural habitat. 

World Animal Protection has done the research and put everything you need to know into one easy-to-use checklist that you can refer to before, during, and after your trip. 

Sign up for alerts from World Animal Protection today, and we will send you a free 'Animal Friendly Traveller checklist' as a thank you.

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