Demand the FBI reopen the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh!

  • por: OD Action
  • destinatário: Federal Bureau of Investigation

It was obvious from the outset that the hastily arranged, mid-confirmation investigation into Trump's Supreme Court justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, was an insincere formality. But now we know that the FBI received over 4,500 tips about Kavanaugh's sexual assault allegations that were never followed up on — at the behest of the Trump White House, of course. Trump, himself a serial sexual predator with dozens of documented victims, had a vested interest in burying the allegations and dismissing them as smears.

Justice Kavanaugh predictably ruled with the high court's conservative super-majority earlier this year to strip away women's agency over their own bodies. He clearly should not have been able to make any ruling, let alone one governing's women's choices, given the damning allegations that stand against him.

Tell the FBI to reopen the Kavanaugh probe immediately!

That a sitting Supreme Court justice who lied under oath about sexual assault allegations during his confirmation hearing can rule on such consequential issues with impunity is appalling and unacceptable.

The Biden administration should instruct the FBI to immediately reopen the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh and thoroughly probe the damning allegations put forward by Christine Blasey Ford — and demand Congress impeach him if he is found guilty.

Demand the FBI reopen the investigation into Brett Kavanaugh!

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