Barhill Flooding

    I am a concerned member of our local community in Dalbeattie, who has been directly affected by flooding in the Barhill area. The continuous construction on the Barleana site is exacerbating these issues, causing distress and damage to our homes and lives. 

    Our town has seen an increase in flood events over recent years due to climate change and urban development. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that such extreme weather events will only become more frequent if we continue altering natural landscapes without proper mitigation strategies.

    The Barleana site is one such example where construction activities have disrupted natural water drainage systems, leading to increased surface runoff during heavy rains - a primary cause of flooding. This not only puts our properties at risk but also threatens local wildlife habitats.

    We need immediate action from our local council to halt further building on the Barleana site until a comprehensive environmental impact assessment can be conducted. We must ensure that any future developments are sustainable and do not contribute further to our existing flooding problems.

    Let us protect Dalbeattie from unnecessary harm caused by ill-planned urbanisation. Please sign this petition urging authorities to stop building on the Barleana site for the safety of our community and preservation of our environment.
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