Tell Congress to ban forced, unnecessary surgeries on intersex youth!

  • por: OD Action
  • destinatário: The United States Congress

As if we needed a further testament to how much the GOP doesn't care about children, many red states banning gender-affirming care that is actually NEEDED are still allowing for surgeries on intersex children — surgeries that have been condemned by the United Nations for the past ten years. Republicans can't claim to be on the side of children when they are subjecting them to surgeries without ANY form of consent, while denying healthcare to trans youth that saves lives. 

We need an nation-wide, immediate end to unnecessary surgeries on intersex youth, and we needed it decades ago. We can not allow the GOP to further hijack the lives of innocent young people, it's past time to take firm action.

Add your name to demand Congress ban unnecessary surgeries on intersex youth!

While we might not have the resources to go into every red state and undo their harmful bans on healthcare for trans youth, we still must do what we can for young people's bodily autonomy. That absolutely includes intersex youth, who are often almost immediately forced into a cosmetic surgery to assign them a sex after being born — some not finding out until they're adults, by accident. It is nonsensical that such an inhumane procedure is allowed on infants in 2023.

Children deserve the right to discover who they are, on their terms. Consent is crucial at EVERY age. Our young people deserve better.

Sign now to call for an immediate ban on cosmetic surgeries for intersex infants!

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