We have at last got a park on our estate through Barratts however is it a park or a swamp....!!

Many of the residents in Morgans Meadow have been looking forward for the park to be built, awaiting a few years. The outcome has been very disappointing as firstly there is hardly anything in the park for children to play with and the most important factor is it is not tarmac'd which is a health and safety issue. The grass in the park is an absolute disgrace as it had turned into a swamp. This is highly disappointing and frustrating as you can't actually use the park for its use!

We at Morgan Meadow would like this rectified as we are not happy with the outcome of our neighbourhood park. We would like it to facilitate more than what has been situated at the moment and would like it tarmac'd so it is safe for everyone.

Please sign now to get a response!

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