Kick Marjorie Taylor Greene out of Congress for promoting dangerous white supremacist conspiracies!

  • por: OD Action
  • destinatário: The United States Congress

During a recent rally, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene publicly promoted the "Great Replacement" white supremacist conspiracy theory that has been directly responsible for a number of massacres. 

"Biden's 5 million illegal aliens are on the verge of replacing you, your jobs, and your kids in school. Coming from all over the world, they're also replacing your culture," crowed the far-right extremist. It's a hateful conservative talking point that has been pushed by the likes of Tucker Carlson and other allies to white supremacy — it should be more than clear that it's not an idea that should be present in our legislative bodies.

Add your name to demand Marjorie Taylor Greene out of Congress for promoting white supremacist conspiracies!

It's certainly not the first time the disgraced Representative has peddled QAnon level conspiracies, and the fact that she has continued to be given the benefit of the doubt is astounding. Greene is actively pushing hatred at the national level, and emboldening the likes of insurrectionists, racists, sexists, and homophobes.

People like Greene holding office does nothing but make America a more dangerous place for our most vulnerable communities.

Sign your name to tell Congress Greene has got to go!

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