We Say No to Education Cuts

In the province of Ontario, the government of Doug Ford is making cuts to our education system. We are concerned because of the changes being made such as class size increases & teacher job cuts, education funding cuts, Ontario Autism program funding cuts, Mandatory E- Learning, Osap changes and Cell phone ban. As high school students going into university we are worried about the OSAP cuts as many of us are part of families of low-income and the cuts will affect our chances of getting free tuition which decreases our chances of pursuing a post-secondary education. These cuts do not only affect secondary students going into post secondary, but also affects adults pursuing a career in teaching. As class sizes increase and e-learning comes into play less teachers will be hired. Along with class size increases it will affect the relationships between students and teachers. Considering there will be more students in classes, it will cause a strain in the relationship between students and teachers as well. There are dozens of more ways these cuts will affect the citizens of Ontario. These cuts won't stop unless we stand up to make a change.

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