Abortion Rights Of Women

    1. Unsafe abortion is also a significant cause of maternal mortality and morbidity. States Parties’ reports to the Committee often fail to contain official data on this due to the illegal nature of abortion in many countries, but they consistently demonstrate a correlation between unsafe abortion and high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity, presented as hemorrhaging and complications of pregnancy.

    2. Zimbabwe reported that hemorrhage and infection after abortion are major causes of death, though actual figures are not ascertainable given the illegality of abortion. The Dominican Republic, similarly, reported that "clandestine abortions" are the third leading cause of maternal death (the following toxemia, and hemorrhages during childbirth), but noted "heavy underreporting".

    3. There are grounds for the view that laws that criminalize health services that only women need - whether aimed at the persons who provide such services or the women who receive them - are discriminatory. The criminalization of abortion is particularly heinous because it not only impairs women’s right to reproductive choice - to make free and responsible decisions concerning matters that are key to control of their lives - but also exposes them to the serious health risks of unsafe abortion, violating their rights to bodily integrity and, in the most extreme cases, to life itself.

    4. In many countries there are exceptions to the criminal norm, allowing for legal abortion in limited circumstances, such as in cases of danger to the life of the mother (or the fetus), or where pregnancy has resulted from rape. In Indonesia, however, rape does not constitute grounds for legal abortion, which means that the state is effectively compounding the sexual violence targeted at the woman by forcing her to carry the resultant pregnancy.
    Ways to solve this problem:-
    1. Shout your support for abortion access.
    2. Support abortion funds.
    3. Support reproductive justice organizations.
    4: Follow planned parenthood.
    5. Share your story.
    6.Vote like your rights depend on it
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