Florida Voters Are Working to Protect Abortion Rights. Other States Must Do the Same!

Abortion rights are under attack across the U.S., especially after the disastrous Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade. But luckily, voters have been fighting back on the state level - successfully protecting reproductive rights in states that include Ohio, Vermont, Michigan, Colorado, and more.

Now voters in Florida are joining their ranks. Constituents there have now collected enough signatures to put a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot. This amendment should enshrine abortion protections, and it gives constituents a direct opportunity to share their voices.

Now we ask even more states to propose amendments to protect reproductive health, and let the voters weigh in on these ballot measures!

In Florida, advocates with Floridians Protecting Freedom have gathered a staggering and impressive 1 million signatures on their electoral petition, to get the amendment on the ballot.

Back in 1989, the state's Supreme Court ruled that Florida's state constitution implied a right to abortion. For decades, abortion access remained protected there.

But now, the state has become a hotbed for anti-abortion extremism, with Republican legislators there hell-bent on controlling other people's bodily autonomy. Florida's governor Ron DeSantis even tried to implement a six-week abortion ban - one that's so deeply unpopular, even Donald Trump denounced it (which just shows you how bad it is).

That's why it's so important for voters to reclaim their voices and push back against this misogynistic trend among Florida lawmakers. Voters and advocates in other states should take notice! It's time to be inspired by Florida voters, and put constitutional amendments to protect abortion access on the ballot in other states, too! Sign the petition.
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