Kick Jesse Watters off the air for targeting Trump’s jurors!

The jury has finally been seated in Trump's hush money trial — and barely a day passed before the right-wing propaganda machine kicked into gear and started attacking them.

Fox host Jesse Watters used his April 16th show to go through each juror, broadcasting information about them to the army of Trump's rabid fans who are notorious for harassing and sending death threats to anyone who dares to stand against him.

The second juror, Watters described, is "a nurse from the Upper East Side with a Masters degree…She's not married, has no kids and lives with her fiancé who works in finance. She gets her news from The New York Times, Google and CNN."

Punish Jesse Watters for inciting jury intimidation!

That juror has now been excused from the trial, fearful for her safety after she had been identified based on some of the information broadcast by Watters. "She said she was afraid and intimidated by the press, all the press."

Judge Merchan has been forced to ban the media from reporting on the employers of the jury, lest this happen again. But it's obvious what Watters was trying to do, and he can't be allowed to get away with it. Justice must be done.

Kick Jesse Watters off the air for targeting Trump's jurors!

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