USPORTS: Exception to age limit in football due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19, the governing body of Canadian university sport, USports, has decided to cancel the upcoming 2020 fall seasons for all sports. As a result, many student athletes will 'age out' (In the sport of football there is an age cap set at 24 years of age) and become ineligible to return to their team once cleared to begin again, losing out on what could've been their last chance to participate in the sport. This petition looks to create an exception allowing players whom had previously participated with good standing could be allowed to play an additional season. Usports has made the decision to not allow for an exception, which leaves many without another opportunity to compete. This decision to cancel the upcoming season should not be allowed to end student-athletes careers and the careers of prospective professional athletes due to an uncontrollable event in human history.

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