The Easter Tradition of Giving Live Animals As Gifts Hurts Animals and Humans Alike

Easter symbolizes new beginnings and life, yet the tradition of gifting live animals, like bunnies, ducklings, and chicks, often ends in preventably tragedy. These are not easily domesticated pets like cats or dogs. The consequence of purchasing them as gifts, without the readiness to offer the necessary care, is not only early mortality for these creatures but also poses risks to human health. This year, let's break the cycle.

Sign the petition to pledge not to buy chicks, bunnies, or ducklings for Easter this year and in the future!

Chickens, ducks, and rabbits are creatures that require commitment; they are not mere decorations but beings that can live up to a decade. Every year after Easter, shelters are overwhelmed with these animals, struggling to provide for them amidst soaring euthanasia rates. Many are also released into the wild, where they cannot survive, posing risks to native species and spreading diseases.

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention specifically warns against children under five interacting with these animals due to heightened risks of Salmonella – a bacteria that doesn't affect the appearance of animals but can cause serious illness in humans. 

While well intentioned, people often purchase these animals impulsively, dooming these creatures to a grim future of abandonment or euthanasia when the holiday cheer fades and the realities of long-term care set in. 

For those who have already welcomed bunnies, ducklings, or chicks into their homes this Easter, it's crucial to understand the commitment you've made. If you're determined to provide a forever home, please take the time to research and understand their needs fully. Local veterinarians, animal shelters, and wildlife experts can offer invaluable guidance and support. Remember, asking for help is a sign of responsibility and compassion towards your new family member.

By signing this petition, you pledge to uphold the spirit of Easter through actions that honor both human health and animal welfare. Let us find joy in non-living gifts that carry no risk of illness or cruelty. Together, we can foster a more responsible and compassionate celebration of life this Easter season.

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