Stop Requiring International Tournaments for FIDE Arbiter Norms

    For the past three decades since its creation, FIDE Arbiter norms needed only national level tournaments. The 2017 Arbiters Manual states requirement for FA title: 2.5. Experience as Arbiter in at least three (3) FIDE rated events (these can be either national or international)

    The new Article 3.11 requiring foreign players for FA norms by mistake was not published in the 2021 FIDE Arbiters Manual, an official FIDE Handbook used by all Arbiters.

    The FA title is developmental. It motivates National Arbiters to work to get the FIDE Arbiter title. It inspires them to organize local tournaments in far flung cities and provinces to get their norms. And it further inspires them to qualify for the International Arbiter title for which international tournaments are rightly required.

    Article 3.11 discriminates against Asia, Africa and America where there are hardly any, or none at all, foreign chess players residing in most cities and provinces and where international travel is expensive unlike within Europe.
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