Deviation to incarceration

    So many mentally ill people get thrown in jail and are left there with no real help. Some don't understand why some don't get the meds they need some don't get the counseling they need some get segregated and left all alone when they shouldn't be. In today's world our jails and prisons should be equipped to service those that have to serve jail time. These mentally ill peoples conditions can worsen just by being in the lonely confinement . 9 out of 10 institutions county jails are not qualified to handle these conditions properly nor is the staff educated on the dangers it may pose to themselves or other inmates. If they are going to house mentally ill people then make it mandatory they have a separate place that's fully staffed with medical personnel that our qualified to handle these individuals . Have a doctor and therapist on duty 24 hrs 7 days a week 365 days a year. Or release the documented individuals that are in jail and send them to a mental program that fits there needs.
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