Rename Monument beach to Big Horn Beach in Walker Lake NV

    Monument beach at Walker Lake, Mineral County, NV has been a cherished location for locals and tourists alike. However, it's current name does not reflect the unique characteristics and history or the community. We propose renaming it to Big Horn Beach, as a tribute to the majestic Big Horn Sheep that are native to our region and symbolize our respect for local wildlife.
    Walker Lake is home to one of the largest populations of Desert Big Horn Sheep in Nevada. By renaming Monument beach to Big Horn Beach, we can honor these animals raise awareness about their importance.
    This change will not only enhance local pride, but also attract more visitors who are interested in nature and wildlife conservation. A beach named after a native species can serve as an educational tool visiting or living near the beach.
    We urge all residents of Mineral County to support this initiative by signing this petition. Let's rename Monument beach to Big Horn Beach!
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