Demand St Helen's release their goats into safe care & transition to oat farming

Our recent Surge investigation into Far Marsh Farm, one of the suppliers for St Helen's goat milk, revealed how sickening and abhorrent the goat milk industry treats their goats.

The investigation has been reported on internationally, both online and on television, and has caused a huge public outcry.

As a result, almost every major supermarket has currently suspended all future orders from St Helen's and the owner of the farm has stated that the farm may have to CLOSE.

We are therefore asking the owners of the farm, Angus & Kathleen Wielkopolski, and St Helen's, to do the right thing and allow as many of the animals as possible to be re-homed to sanctuaries, and for the farm to be transformed away from an animal farm, as to ensure that no other animals will ever be abused there again.

We have currently secured homes for 42 of the goats and we are actively working on securing more safe homes.

Through our work with Refarm'd in helping farmers transition from animal farming to plant farming, we are fully at the ready to help St Helen's transition from goat milk to oat milk farming.

We also have the option of working with St Helen's to turn the already existing infrastructure into a vertical farming unit.

Both options, oat milk or vertical farming, create a source of sustainable income, whilst also positively benefiting the environment and eliminating animal suffering.

To find out more about how animal farms can transition, go to:

Please, sign the petition and demand that Far Marsh Farm and St Helen's do the right thing.

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Hello everyone,

Please see our latest update below, we can't type it all here sadly due to the limit on characters, so please click through on the link, we thank you so much for your support.


We are so saddened that this isn't a more positive update.

Thank you again.
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