STOP killing Taiwan black bears.

    In 2022, a case of illegal hunting of protected species, including the Formosan black bear, was discovered in Ailiao North Creek, Dawu Village, Wutai Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan. After an investigation by the Pingtung District Prosecutors' Office, it was found that the group of suspects had allegedly hunted and killed at least four Formosan black bears within three years. Recently, nine local indigenous people were charged with violating the Wildlife Conservation Act, and investigations are ongoing into the whereabouts of the black bears and whether there were any related buying and selling activities.

    A total of eight illegal homemade hunting guns were confiscated by the authorities, and no hunting permits were found for the defendants. The investigation has been concluded, and all nine defendants have been prosecuted for the crimes of illegal hunting and killing of protected wildlife under the Wildlife Conservation Act.

    The Formosan black bear is a critically endangered protected species of wildlife, why are so many indigenous people allowed to have illegal firearms and indiscriminately kill protected species under the guise of being indigenous in Taiwan? Taiwan's animal protection laws are severely lacking, and based on past experience, it is believed that these people will ultimately only receive minor fines after trial, and will continue to recklessly kill innocent lives.

    This proposal calls on the Taiwan government and all citizens to take seriously the issue of indigenous people holding firearms and to condemn the reckless killing of protected species. It is unnecessary for them to rely on killing wildlife for survival, especially in modern Taiwan where living is so convenient even in the mountains. This proposal also calls on the Taiwan government to strictly revise the animal protection law and not to go easy on those who do not respect other lives. It is hoped that the judges in Taiwan will give severe punishments to all people involved in the illegal hunting and killing of protected wildlife.

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