Demand that officials are held accountable for any and all cases that is ignored!

    Animals are being abused, tortured, neglected and so much more every minute of every day. When someone makes a call about an animal abuse case, or however it is discovered, if our officials dont enforce our cruelty laws, or Judges just slap thier hands, the officials that answered the call and did nothing need to be held accountable for thier actions which would mean doing nothing. By them doing nothing is the same as if they did it themselves. They should be held accountable with the strictest extent of the laws!! Animal Cruelty is one of the worst crimes out there. So many animals suffer and cant call for help. So this is what I am doing for them. The root cause of cruelty is humans. Rarely are they charged appropiatley or punished to fit the crime. Most of the time if cases are kept quiet, it gets ignored. We demand that officials be held accountable with the strictest and strongest punishment every time they ignore animal cruelty cases. Since higher up officials hold them to higher standards, they need to be punished that reflects that! Our animals are being slaughtered, tortured, fought, deplorable living conditions, neglected and so many other forms of cruelty! This has to stop! The main issue is hardly no one is held accountable. If they get arrested, the Judges let them off with a slap on the hand. Since there isnt anything we can do about this, I demand this petition to hold them accountable every time a case is ignored or the punishment doesnt fit the crime! Animal cruelty must stop, and this is why its just getting more evil every day. Officials are not enforcing/punishing to the fullest extent of the law! Its time THEY ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!
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