Release the Wes Craven director’s cut of Cursed

Wes Craven & Kevin Williamson teamed up again in The early 2000s to deliver a werewolf whodunit splatterfest. Fans were thrilled about the potential. Unfortunately, the infamous Weinstein's made Williamson rewrite the script and Craven reshoot the film when they were 90 percent finished with filming. Part of the changes involved was the exclusion of one of the main characters, Skeet Ulrich, major plot changes, major cast changes, and a major cut down in graphic violence to water it down to a PG-13 rating. Apparently, there is a cut of Wes Craven's original vision of Cursed. Patrick Lussier, editor of the film, has multiple versions of the Craven cut. We need it to be restored & released on Bluray and 4K. A limited theater release would be much appreciated too. If DC fans can get their Synder cut, then horror fans get their Craven cut.

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