Remove the violence and fraud in Boston Common

    Men unzipped their trousers in Boston Common. A public park in Massachusetts. They let their penis get out of control (indecent exposure) and sexually assault every Woman and child who views the sculpture. Men who view that sculpture are sexually assaulting women. The sculpture is violence against woman and children. It must be taken down before more women and children are sexually assaulted both visually and physically. The city of Boston sued for sexual harassment and Art community held accountable of Fraud. The sculpture isn’t Art it’s a porn addiction. In it’s development it was too easy for the creators to lose their train of thought and they breeched the project visually and contractually. The men are porn publishers not Artists. Sculpture is created with a click of a button and technology. It’s not rocket science and their errors could have been corrected prior to the installation and unveiling of the sculpture. It was a intentional attack on woman and children and it doesn’t take much depth in thought to understand porn all you have to do is look at it. No one wants to see a 20 foot penis, MLK jr going down in bean town and god only knows who’s hands are all over us. To top it off the sculpture is a big pile of dog poop in the park. The sculpture must be removed from Boston Common. God save the women and children.
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