Stop the Unnecessary Bloodshed in Spanish Bullfighting!

  • por: Jessica Ramos
  • destinatário: Mariano Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain

The tension in the Teruel bullring was palpable on the screen during the live broadcast. In between deep breaths, 29-year-old Spanish matador Victor Barrio intently stared at Lorenzo the Bull as he waved his red matador cape. But, in between the theatrics of the bullfight, something went terribly wrong: Lorenzo, with all of the prowess of a bull, pinned Barrio to the ground and lethally pierced his lung, heart and thigh with his sharp horns.

In a statement, the Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA), a Spanish animal rights political party against animal abuse, used Barrio's death as an opportunity to highlight why bullfighting in Spain needs to end. According to the political party, “We reject traditions based in violence, revenge and blood." The party adds, “We know of only one ethical means to do away with all this: the total abolition of bullfights.”

The bloodshed doesn't end there.

PACMA also learned that Lorenzo's innocent mother, Lorenza, would also have to die in order to to "end the lineage." Both bulls are now dead.

No es cultura, es tortura. It's not culture, it's torture.

Either outcome in bullfighting is a tragedy and a waste of life. These dated, public spectacles shouldn't be occurring in 2016. Help stop the unnecessary (human and nonhuman animal) suffering by signing and sharing this petition calling for no more bloodshed in bullfighting.

Photo Credit: Daily-M

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