Induct Eddie Sweat in to The Horse Racing Hall of Fame

Eddie "Shorty" Sweat was and is the epitome of horsemanship. Eddie was the groom and care giver to the immortal Secretariat among so many others. Eddie's kindness and selflessness were immeasurable. Trainers, breeders, jockeys and horses are given the honor of being inducted in the The Horse Racing Hall of Fame why not grooms? No one knows a horse better than its groom. Grooms,  and Eddie was no exception live for their horses. Eddie worked until the end of his life doing what he loved with next to no recognition from the industry. Let's get Eddie the respect he deserves.

Atualização #14 anos atrás
Hi everyone. Thank you all so much for the support.
Please keep sharing. Let’s get Eddie inducted! Let the The Racing Hall of Fame
know grooms and care takers matter.

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