Why can't we do both Outdoor Dining and Outdoor Learning ?

  • por: Alayna Thach
  • destinatário: Schools, Students, Teachers, Parents

Most students are struggling to do school online and at home. I, as a 16-year-old also find this an issue. Students nationwide from a survey I've studied at least 88% of students don't have internet access at home. But, there might be a way we can get fresh air and do better in school. You might be wondering, "what if it rains/snows?" We could use (heating) tents. Students during the influenza pandemic also did outdoor learning and got better grades. So, why can't we?

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Higher status students/families are already doing this type of system. So, why can't the mid/lower class students also do a learning system so great.
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Outdoor dining is for those who want a good time. Learning is for those who want and NEED an education. Please share this petition!
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This article is about schooling outdoors...
This is when the influenza pandemic was going on. Please spread the word about our petition!
Thank you for supporting us in schools. Hopefully, our school board will put in the fundings. Outdoor dining is also quite popular but what about our education.
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Students will:
-be able to do better in schools
-social distance
-hands on activities
-Get vitamin D
-spread awareness.
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