Pregnant Sumatran Tiger Died After Inhumane Trapping

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: Indonesian Government

A beautiful young tigress, probably 3-5 years old, was caught in a ruthless wire trap in Indonesia and died a slow and painful death as a result. Even worse, she was pregnant at the time. Sumatran tigers are the most critically endangered subspecies, with only about 400 left in existance. The loss of this one and her two cubs is a huge hit to their species.

The pregnant tigress died because the trap caused her kidney to rupture, meaning she died slowly and very painfully. Her two cubs, who were due in about two weeks, also died. That's three dead Sumatran tigers, all because of a hunter's trap.

Sign on if you want the Indonesian Government to find safer and more humane alternatives to these gruesome traps.

The trap was set by a security guard for a palm oil plantation who was trying to catch pigs. But officials say he was required to stay by the trap to make sure no other animal or human walked into it. Now this man could be facing prison time and a hefty fine. 

But ultimately the goal is to keep other innocent, endangered animals safe and in order to do that, we need more human alternatives to the wire trap.

Please sign on to ask Indonesia to ban wire traps and find a better alternative in order to endangered animals. No tiger deserves to die like this one did.

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