Earl Thomas Conley needs to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame

  • por: Gail U
  • destinatário: Fans of Country Music

Earl Thomas Conley was a talented singer and song writer who was the first person of any music genre to have four #1 Hits from one album (Don't Make It Easy For Me).

He had 18 #1 hit songs with 16 of these #1's being consecutive. Songs he wrote were also recorded by Conway Twitty, Blake Shelton, and Mel Street. Remember the songs, Angel in Disguise, Fire and Smoke, Holding Her and Love You, Once in a Blue Moon (my favorite) and more.  These were number #1 hits for Earl.

He's recorded duets with Keith Whitley, Emmy Lou Harris and Anita Pointer. 

Earl was a veteran, came from a railroad family, and did benefits to support his tuition program to send students to college.

Please help me in getting your signature on this petition so that he can be in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Let's get this done!!

This is not a chain letter; and your information is secure on this site; they do not sell your personal information.

Atualização #52 anos atrás
Great news!! With combined petitions (paper and electronic) we are not at 1,890 confirmed signatures. Thank you for your support and we are not done until Earl Thomas Conley becomes a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. Here is the link to the new Facebook group site supporting this. Thank you !! https://www.facebook.com/groups/286955319630355

Atualização #43 anos atrás
Still collecting signatures for this. If you know of a fan, who has not signed, please share. Some people have not signed, afraid of identity theft. I signed it, family and friends have signed, and identity theft has not happened. This is a safe process and we need to help Earl get into the Hall. Thank you! Gail
Atualização #34 anos atrás
Thank you so much for your support! Earl passed away in April of this year. I was able to visit with him in February and was so amazed at how strong his voice was! Elsie Sullivan, Earl's longtime dear personal friend, and fan club manager is doing a fundraiser so that a memorial plaque can be placed at the Earl Thomas Conley Riverside Park in West Portsmouth, Ohio, Earl's hometown. I'd really be honored if you would go to the Earl Thomas Conley facebook page and give on the link.
Atualização #25 anos atrás
A new facebook page has been created also to show your support for Earl Thomas Conley getting into the Hall of Fame. The name of the page is: Fans Supporting Earl Thomas Conley getting into the CMA Hall of Fame. Could you please look at the page and show your support? This was done as some people did not want to share their information on a petition. Support can still be shown by "liking" the page. Thank you, Gail
Atualização #15 anos atrás
We have reached 206 signers on the Earl Thomas Conley petition to have him added to the Country Music Hall of Fame. I have added the song by Earl Thomas Conley, "Where Ever You Are", from the soundtrack of The River Rat movie to the petition.

Please urge family and friends who have not signed yet to please do so. If we all get 5 people to sign this, we will meet our goal and its easy to do!!

Thank you for supporting Earl Thomas Conley!

Gail Ulrich
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