Animal Torture and Bestiality Ran Rampant Last Year Due to Lax Cruelty Laws

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India is one of the most powerful developing countries on Earth. But often what defines a nation is not their strength, but how they protect their weakest. Like the pets and street and wild animals that call India home.

Last year there were a host of stories of animal abuse coming from New Delhi. Care2, unfortunately, had to share some of those shocking stories with you. Stories like, the four men in Malwani who bound and gagged a dog and raped it. The report about the person who heartlessly sliced the neck of 7 helpless puppies. Or the tragic account of a dog who was paved over by workers. The men left the dog crushed under tar, howling in pain until it died.

But dogs are not the only animals to suffer. Raped cows and goats, beaten donkeys and a host of other jaw-dropping stories of animal abuse from India inundated the internet in 2018. And while animal abuse is a global phenomenon that happens in every nation on Earth, India has some of the laxest laws when it comes to punishing those who commit the crimes. This is troubling especially considering that heinous acts like animal rape and brutality is on the rise according to the Daily O.

India's current animal cruelty law — the Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Act (PCA) — is almost 60 years old and the punishments are equally antiquated. For example, being punished under the PCA could get you fined 50 rupees — a little less than 71 cents — and/or land you in jail for no more than 3 months.

Considering the severity of some of the most recent crimes against animals, this punishment is hardly enough. Additionally, bestiality is defined in a completely different section (377) which only penalizes the act. However, there is no way to consider the severity of the crime when punishing the offender.

These laws have been found wanting and completely inadequate in fighting animal abuse and castigating the perpetrator. Without stricter punishments, these types of crimes will persist and animals and their owners will likely never get due process.

Please sign the petition and ask India to strengthen their animal protection laws and ensure abused animals get the justice they deserve.

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