Repeal the Buggery Law in T&T, Support Equality for T&T LGBTQI citizens

  • por: David S
  • destinatário: Trinidad and Tobago government

In Trinidad and Tobago, any sexual intimacy between couples of the same sex is a crime (including sex between women). The government calls these acts "serious indecency".

Persons can be imprisoned for up to 25 years for penetrative sex and for 5 years for any other act of sexual intimacy.

There are around 100,000 LGBT people on my islands, many living a hidden and fearful life. Gay and bi men, lesbian and bi women, trans people, all live with the threat of this criminal law hanging over them.

We inherited these laws from Britain, but the Government extended the law from only gay men to lesbians after we gained our independence. This is Trinidad and Tobago in the year 2017.

Jason Jones has publicly challenged this in the courts of T&T and the ruling is expected on April 12th. Your voice matters.

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