Declare a State of Planetary Emergency

The world's leading climate scientists now state that there is scientific support for declaring a state of planetary emergency. We propose that a planetary crisis represents a global spiritual emergency, and is a catalyst for a global awakening of collective human consciousness.

We propose that emergency mode offers an empowering psychological state for individuals to navigate experiences of crisis. Rather than a state that exacerbates negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, panic, or paranoia, it is a state that can facilitate enhanced awareness and collective transformative action.

We propose that the climate emergency represents a rite of passage for humanity, creating a situation that requires global cooperation. We believe that a peaceful revolution is necessary to facilitate the evolution of our species. We also believe this global crisis parallels rites of passage described within Indigenous cultures, and that their wisdom is vital to help guide our actions.

In this petition, we address the United Nations, and declare that humanity is facing a state of planetary emergency, which requires a GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS (R)EVOLUTION, undertaken in emergency mode, and guided by Indigenous and other wisdom traditions.

Once this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, it will be sent to the UN as a message from concerned citizens to declare a state of planetary emergency. 

Thank you.

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