Tell the Virginia Department of Education not to restrict the rights of trans students!

  • por: OD Action
  • destinatário: Virginia Department of Education

The Department of Education in Virginia recently announced their upcoming policy changes for the school year, planning to completely backtrack on previous Governor Northam's progressive work for Virginia students. The changes, aimed to affect over 1 million students, will force trans and nonbinary students into restrooms they don't identify with. Students will be forced out of sports should they not play on teams they don't identify with. LGBTQ+ students will be dead-named by their peers and teachers, unable to get a name change even with written permission from a parent. 

The policy would put an already vulnerable minority in even greater danger, whether it be mental or physical. Trans kids are already at a higher risk for suicide, regressive policies like the one Governor Youngkin has proposed does nothing but harm.

Add your name to tell Virginia to protect trans kids and reject the proposed policy!

Delegate Danica Roem was clear that she believes Youngkin's policy blatantly violates their state's human rights law, tweeting that the "action should be contested in court under the Virginia Human Rights Act." She's absolutely right. 

The Republican party is waging a war on at-risk children, and they're breaking laws to do it. We must protect our LGBTQ+ youth from their holier-than-thou witch hunt.

Sign your name to condemn Youngkin's proposed anti-trans policy!

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