DEMAND Ubisoft invests money into dedicated servers!

    For years I have suffered from losses due to server errors, lag issues, glitches, bugs, D-dos, exploits during ranked games. No real change has been made to effectively get ranked to fully be an equal opportunity for all teams online.

    They had operation health, which did NOTHING. There are still cheaters who use moded keyboard and mouse to auto aim other players heads or rapid fire; along with people who use lag switches and D-dos to disconnect enemy teams players.

    Constant issues with ranked games online keep happening because this game developer doesn’t care about its player base except to get micro transactions for cosmetics!

    There needs to be a standard mandatory minimum for dedicated servers, whenever any game developer, especially ubisoft creates a game where players compete online for an honest rank!

    The substandard servers have been an issue since the beginning of the game and Ubisoft NEEDS TO ANSWER for all the money it has profited from Rainbow Six Siege!!!

    Companies that produce games but do not have proper SUPPORT shouldn’t be able to distribute the game until it is fully prepared to do so. Not providing servers that are stable enough for the number of players on the game, playing ranked especially is like taking investment funds and pocketing it!!!

    Whomever reads this and plays online or knows someone who plays online, especially Ubisoft titles; PLEASE SHARE THIS PETITION so we can show big game developers that they need to make a proper effort to keep its fan base happy, instead of taking our money and leaving us to suffer!
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    assinar petição
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