"Demand Action Against Ethnic Apartheid and Further Division of Bosnia and Herzegovina!"

    Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens were victims of one of the most brutal wars in modern history. The aggression, that was orchastrated against Bosnia and Herzegovina for the purpose of preventing the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. The result of the aggression was genocide and ethnic cleansing that destroyed many lives, infrastructure, and cultural heritage. This brutal ended on November 21, 1995 with the peace agreement concluded in Dayton, OH, USA. The Dayton Peace Agreement brought peace and hope of prosperity. However, 27 years after the Dayton Peace Agreement, the peace and stability is threatened again by those who profited from genocide and ethnic cleansing. Those who want to see further ethnic divisions, those who glorify war criminals, and want to see Bosnia and Herzegovina disappear. Therefore, we are asking you to sign this petition that will urge the leaders of your country to take action and to sanction those who violet peace and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina and who promote further ethnic divisions. STOP THE HISTORY FROM REPEATING ITSELF.
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