Surrender your currency to the least most threatening and developed nation on the planet

I am a former soldier and security professional who has volunteered for Ukraine and well aware of the corruption within the Interpol agenda on a global scale.

The pacific must establish its position in the world faster and stronger more than ever. A call for New Zealand to surrender it's currency to Australia. New Zealand can always remain Aotearoa but it needs to surrender it's currency to Australia to become the debt payer to our larger neighbours. This is a very important movement to make in the hopes the other pacifica nations agree we can become the most powerful nuclear free global superpower in the world free from the corruption of Interpol. Between Australia and New Zealand we have all the resources we will ever need to maintain a functioning society of a pacific people and way of life. Australia has enough room to build a solar powered utopia upon and invites anyone who shares the pacifica values to help us build it. Australia and New Zealand need and want more people. Only (five) signatures are required for this petition to get it's outcome, however one would be an immense improvement. Only 1000 signatures are required from individuals around the world to get this urgent message out. The five signatures I require are from the five eyes alliance that anyone who requires allegiance from the pacific must surrender its currency to the pacific as the safest choice for a global superpower.

The pacific nation need to establish its position as a nuclear free global military reserve force that sits upon the bench for its own defense and peace keeping missions only. The one currency treaty of the pacifica nation needs to last a minimum of 20 years in order to make our immediate stability in the global positioning. This move alone may be enough to end the war in Ukraine and further escalation if the five eyes alliance surrender it's currency to Australia as the bread winner for a nuclear free future to build a united states of Australasia. The positioning must be done and must be done in the form of a tactical withdrawal beginning with the pacific itself.

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