There are many people who are misinformed about the Iditarod Sled Races in Alaska. I wish to bring awareness to them and hope many will want to right this wrong. Please consider the following and with new understanding, sign this petition to stop the horrific suffering these dogs are forced to endure.

    It is true that Huskies have thick coats and enjoy running and playing in the snow. However, common sense tells us that they do not enjoy being forced to race at top speed, 100 miles a day, pulling a heavy sled with a human on it, across icy terrain in subzero temperatures, with raw and bloody paws, while breathing the frigid air for hours with very little rest. They are forced to race for 1,100 miles in less than two weeks. When they sleep, they do so on the frozen ground. Many die during the race from heart attacks, exhaustion, dehydration or choking on their vomit, forcing the remaining dogs to work harder. Dogs who are too slow are pulled off the race, or bludgeoned to death. Those who survive suffer for the rest of their lives with excessive fluid in their lungs, bloody stomach ulcers, stress fractures, frostbite and many other permanent injuries. Dogs used in the Iditarod are subject to cruelty, not only during the race, but off the trails as well. When they are not racing they are chained outside 24/7 in the bitter cold.Please sign this petition to stop this race and prevent the horrific suffering.
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