Urgent Appeal to Save Lives: Addressing Critical Concerns at Dekalb County Animal Shelter

    We hope this letter reaches you promptly, as the situation at the Dekalb County Animal Shelter demands immediate attention. Recent observations have unveiled alarming practices that necessitate urgent intervention.

    Despite DCAS being advertised as a no-kill facility, there are distressing reports of healthy dogs facing euthanasia. The shelter has been given a goal population of 450 dogs, a target that, despite understandable space constraints, jeopardizes the well-being of the animals. The efforts of Lifeline Animal Project, overseeing Dekalb County Animal Shelter, are commendable, yet it is evident that additional support and collaborative solutions are urgently needed.

    Beyond these pressing issues, there are severe concerns related to staffing and infrastructure. Despite a commendable amount of volunteer and foster support, and tireless effort of employees, the shelter appears to be grappling with insufficient support. This has resulted in animals receiving minimal exercise, being compelled to relieve themselves in their cages, and residing in enclosures that are inadequate for their well-being, all of which contribute to spread of illness and disease.

    Moreover, there are extended waiting periods for spaying and neutering procedures, delaying adoption due to a shortage of veterinarians on staff. This raises critical concerns about the overall health and population control efforts at the shelter.

    To exacerbate matters, communication with the shelter staff is near impossible. Numerous community complaints cite unreturned phone calls and unanswered emails, leaving interested adopters and fosterers without information. This not only forces potential adopters and fosterers to give up or seek alternatives but also results in long wait times for those visiting the shelter to meet dogs. Some, unfortunately, leave empty-handed, go to neighboring counties, and promote the purchasing of dogs from breeders, all of which further support the underlying problem of overpopulation, fueling the never-ending cycle.

    We want to emphasize that the intention is not to cast blame but to urgently address these critical matters for the well-being of the animals and local community. We implore you to take swift and decisive action to ensure the well-being of all animals under the care of Dekalb County Animal Shelter.

    Thank you for your immediate attention to this urgent matter.  We are hopeful that prompt action will lead to benefiting both our community and the animals in need as it is our ethical duty to be a voice for the voiceless.
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