Claim for Cow hormone injections and much more to be ceased immediately!

    Cattle all over America are being forced to produce unhealthy and vigorous amounts of milk as care takers inject large quantities of unnatural hormones into their bodies. This atrocious genetic modification causes the cows to suffer from constant pain from the stretching on their under cause, foot problems, torn ligaments, and excruciating infections. Most of these cows are also caged with no freedom or knowledge of the outside world. These terrible people who "nurture" them have them chained up in a position in which they are unable to move as they milk them excessively with machines that discomfort their well being. The "nurturer's" unwise decisions on hurting these innocent animals causes most cows to live a very short and horrendous life until they are too weak or unable to produce milk which is when they are put to an unjustifiable and immoral death. I believe we can change this by bringing it to the governments attention. Many citizens in America are clueless about how much much these poor cows truly do suffer. When we make this problem even more public than it is now, then it is possible for the government to be forced to change this unacceptable complication which they already know is cruel and inhumane. The hormone injected to the cows was approved and found to cause no harm to humans but is a glass of milk really worth killing over 1.55 million milking cows? This issue of using automated cow milking machines has been around around for about the last 20 years, and the injection of hormones to them has been around since 1993. It is time we put an end to this horror!
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