Restrict plastic bag use in the U.S!

    So many plastic bags end up in OUR oceans. Soon enough the ocean will be nothing but waste. I feel the world is missing the big picture. If we don’t put some kind of restriction on plastic/ plastic bags it will negatively impact the earth WE live on. EVERYTHING that the U.S built would be for nothing. Because eventually we will all be dead. Some ideas would be working together to form a policy that aims toward bringing reusable eco friendly bags to grocery stores and markets. Every US resident can receive the amount of bags depending on he amount of family members they have. But extra bags can be bought at a local grocery store (for a high price). If citizens decide not to bring their eco bags, grocery items will simply be put into the baskets. And for plastic grocery items. Enforce recycling! Put more trash cans outside of fast food drive thrus*** to make it harder to litter.
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