The Fishing Process Wastes or Loses More than One Third of Already-Overfished Species

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: United Nations Environment Programme
In February of 2022, a fishing trawler off the coast of France released a whopping 100,000 dead fish into the water, creating a silver blanket for several thousand square meters. The images of the scene are harrowing, and environmentalists are rightfully disturbed by the impact this dumping will have on the local ecosystem.

But this dump was a part of a broader scam that the notoriously anti-environmental fishing industry regularly commits. It turns out that their unsustainable practices like bottom-trawling indiscriminately kill all different types of sea life in a boat's path. This means that millions of fish are killed each year - to never even be eaten at all.

Sign now to demand the UN Environment Programme take immediate action to protect our oceans' biodiversity before it is too late!

Fish populations are already at extremely high risk. Pollution and climate change are threatening many species of fish with extinction in the coming decades, particularly as global warming-induced ocean acidification makes the oceans uninhabitable. But the fish industry is making this crisis worse by every measure. Overfishing is a big part of the problem - something that most environmentalists, as well as vegetarians and vegans, have been trying to sound the alarm on for years.

But another key factor to declining fish populations is the massive amounts of fish that are killed and harvested, but never eaten by anyone.

Experts estimate that 35% of organisms that are overfished are ultimately wasted or lost. This waste is absolutely needless, given that it is not feeding or nourishing any people on earth. The industry is simply killing innocent creatures who are already at risk of extinction and leaving local ecosystems in even more disarray with thousands of tons of dead fish waste floating about.

We must put pressure on the United Nations Environment Programme to act quickly on this information and develop clear, concrete policies for fisheries in the EU and elsewhere! When species go extinct, there is no way to bring them back - and the risks of these reckless, wasteful fishing practices to the environment and species survival are too high to accept. Sign the petition now if you agree!
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