Abortion is now practically illegal in Texas, partially because of AT&T and Chevron's support

How did lawmakers in Texas manage to start turning The Handmaid's Tale into a reality? Turning neighbors against each other in their race to unearth possible abortion-seekers didn't come out of no where. It all started with hate-filled, control-oriented politicians who received corporate funding in order to get to their positions of power.

Specifically, seven companies donated serious money to the men who co-sponsored Texas's anti-abortion law -- including telehealth conglomerate AT&T, oil and gas giant Chevron, and health insurance corporation UnitedHealth Group.

Sign the petition to demand these corporations' boards and investors pull all funding for anti-abortion Republican lawmakers, now! They must not be allowed to continue sponsoring such dangerous legislation.

Particularly egregious is UnitedHealth's contribution. As one of the U.S.'s leading private health insurance companies, its literal "business" is supposed to be ensuring the well-being and health of all Americans -- not getting dirty with GOP misogynists who are actively restricting and criminalizing certain health services.

Of course, it's not just Texas. States all over the country are now trying to pass their own similar or straight-up copy-cat laws. If these corporations donated money that helped this dystopian, Stasi-esque law come into being, they're probably doing the same thing in other states, too.

That must be stopped now.

Politicians often only get as far as they do because of big corporate money donated behind the scene, usually shielded from public view. Without this money, many would wither. And these Republicans' careers need to wither indeed.

Tell UnitedHealth, AT&T, and Chevron that we won't tolerate these sickening political contributions anymore. They must immediately cease donating to anti-abortion lawmakers now!
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