Charge Russia for War Crimes for Executing Innocent Civilians!

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: International Criminal Court (ICC)

There is now evidence that Ukrainian civilians are being shot, some execution style, and the stories are horrifying. Hundreds of bodies were found in the suburb of Bucha, Ukraine as Russian forces withdrew from around Kyiv. The effects of war are always horrific, but it's clear that Russia is committing ruthless war crimes against innocent civilians. 

Tell the International Criminal Court (ICC) to charge Russia for war crimes and for executing civilians!

There are endless accounts, backed by strong evidence, that Ukrainian civilians are being killed purposely and indiscriminately. In Bucha, witnesses found bodies with gunshot wounds from far and close range. First hand accounts tell of Russian soldiers shooting "everyone they saw" from tanks and windows of stolen homes. Some bodies with point-blank gunshot wounds had their hands tied in a clear sign of execution-style killings.

A coroner in Bucha had to arrange for a mass grave to be dug. "It was horror."

Though challenging, war crimes cases can be brought before the ICC in The Hague. Russia needs to pay for its crimes. The point is to end the violence as soon as possible, not to punish people who did not choose for this to happen. All this is happening because Russian President (and tyrant) Vladimir Putin thought he could get away with anything, with few consequences. We must charge Russia with war crimes for its senseless killings of Ukrainian civilians!

*photos taken from the official Twitter account of Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign affairs of Ukraine

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