Keep Abortion Decriminalized and Regulated as a Medical Procedure in Canada!

  • por: Care2 Team
  • destinatário: The Government of Canada

Canadians believe that abortion is health care, like any other medical procedure administrated by regulated health providers. Thankfully, the current system in Canada reflects that – abortion in Canada is an insured service under the Canada Health Act, the federal law that determines how health care is managed. Under this current structure, anyone who needs an abortion can get one, so long as "it is offered by a health care provider who follows the science and the rules of their profession."

Canadian reproductive rights organizations believe strengthening enforcement of the Canada Health Act is the most important thing to do to protect access to abortion. 

Alternatively, an abortion law would politicize a medical procedure that has no business being subjected to political opinion. A bill referencing access to abortion could allow anti-choice politicians to introduce legislation putting limits on this area of health care.  

As abortion is a medical procedure, the experience of accessing it does differ from province to province. Some places in Canada add administration fees to abortion care, and many Canadians have to travel unreasonable distances to access services. In this way, there is still work to be done by Provinces and Territories to expand and bolster access!

That's why advocates are asking Canadians to pressure legislators to strengthen the Canada Health Act and not to ask for laws referencing abortion.

In June, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland condemned the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn abortion, telling Canadians: "I want all Canadian women and girls to hear from me that the right to choice, their right to an abortion is a fundamental right. We will not let that right be undermined in any way here in our country."

Hold our politicians to their words and demand that the Government of Canada mandate all provinces equalize access to abortion care through the Canada Health Act, removing financial or geographical limitations!

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