Remove Ben Beshore as Kyle Busch's Crew Chief in the NASCAR Cup Series Now

    Kyle Busch, the greatest driver currently driving in the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) has had his full potential and talent be limited in the past almost two years due to incompetence.

    Following the 2020 Cup Series season, Joe Gibbs Racing made the abhorrent decision to remove Adam Stevens as Kyle Busch's crew chief, which the two of them had won 28 races and 2 cup titles across a span from 2015-2020, and replaced him with Ben Beshore, who can best be described as one of the most incompetent and clueless people to have ever been a crew chief in the NASCAR Cup Series.

    Since Beshore has taken over the helm as Busch's crew chief, Beshore has time and time again cost Busch wins and good finishes because of his incompetence. Since taking over as the crew chief, Busch has only won 3 Cup Series races, which should be around the 9-15 range if Busch had a competent crew chief. 

    Kyle Busch and Rowdy Nation fans are fed up with Beshore's incompetence. Kyle Busch's performance has suffered greatly because of JGR's continued employment of this "crew chief". Its time for a change. To Joe Gibbs, please fire Ben Beshore, he is ruining and continiing to screw over the best driver in your organization. If you want Kyle Busch to be the dominant force he was with Adam Stevens, fire Ben Beshore and give Busch the competent and smart crew chief he deserves.
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