Stop Virginia's new policy persecuting trans kids!

Virginia has just stooped to a new low allowing the enactment of despicable, unconstitutional anti-trans policies in their public school system. The new three policies will recommend that teachers use names trans students no longer identify with, requiring trans girls to use the boys' restroom and vice versa, and recommending teachers out their trans students with potentially unsafe home life. These policies will cause the children of Virginia to suffer, and set precedent for even more inhumane anti-trans policies.

Governor Glenn Youngkin is singling out trans youth — an already severely underserved minority — on the national stage. He is perpetuating LGBTQ+ discrimination at every level by allowing this kind of policy, even encouraging it. That is not someone who cares about children. 

Add your name to demand Virginia retract their new anti-trans policies!

This type of discrimination only furthers the suffering of LGBTQ+ youth, putting them in a negative spotlight while they try to navigate their own identity. Virginia is severely putting them at risk. Trans youth are at a greater risk for suicide, hate crimes, bullying — you name it. We should be protecting them, not subjecting them to isolation and embarrassment.

Our differences are what makes us great. There is room for everyone in our communities, should we continue to fight for the space — and that requires standing up for trans kids to people like Youngkin. 

Sign your name to call for and immediate end to Virginia's unconstitutional trans policies!

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