Shut Down Windrift Adventures!

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Note: Windrift Adventures is located in Ontario, Canada. It is NOT located in the U.S. 

Dylan Blake shared this post on Facebook
- My girlfriend and I just concluded a trip from the "Toronto Adventures Inc" and went dog sledding. Little did I know I would be walking into a cruel and sickening environment.

Upon walking into the orientation area for the dog sledding it is apparent that in the forest there are hundreds of dogs that are chained up to a post to live in the same spot they use the washroom and sleep. I proceeded to ask if the dogs were ever let off the chains to go in a shelter or somewhere warm during the night, and the worker told me that this is where they stay all day and all night. She also told me that there were around 120 dogs in total. Outside chained up to posts.

The dogs were extremely scared when walking up to them and some of them were sick, starving, and injured. It was shocking. When petting the dogs they were so not used to affection and they would not want me or my girlfriend to leave them because of the lack of attention they get.

In conclusion I'm not going Yeah to let this go; as this is mass cruelty towards harmless and innocent animals. This place needs to get shut down.

PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO THIS PLACE NEEDS TO GET SHUT DOWN AND SAVE THESE DOGS #peta #ospca OSPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Global News CP24 Toronto's Breaking News

Windrift Kennels is in Moonstone, Ontario, CANADA, and NOT LOCATED IN THE U.S.
Atualização #12 anos atrás
The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has investigated Windrift Kennels and mandated changes to how the kennel is treating its sled dogs. This is a step in the right direction, and we're very glad to see the quick response. We'll keep watching the story, and let you know if there are further developments. Thanks for your action, and thanks for caring about these dogs.
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