End the promotion of climate destroying motor'sports' on the BBC

Formula 1 and other fossil fuel based 'sports' glorify cars and pollution. These so called 'sports' involve driving in circles burning large amounts of petrol to no useful purpose. At a time when we all need to cut back our emissions fast and sharply and when individuals may be turning down their heating, not taking holidays abroad and moving away from using the car to shop etc, it is obscene that others gratuitously burn fossil fuels for fun, profit and 'glory'. It is equally obscene that the BBC actively encourages this and indeed is part of this 'glory' and 'profit from disaster causing pollution' machine.

It should be acknowledged that Formula 1 not only gratuitously creates climate changing pollution for entertainment, but also creates massive pollution by building cars and by transporting cars and people between venues. In this way even electric cars are an anacronism and have no place in a liveable future.

We the undersigned call on the BBC to:

1. Stop promoting or covering Formula 1 and other polluting entertainment.
2. Take their responsibility as a cultural influencer seriously and consider the environmental impact of all representations in their output. In the same way that ciarette smoking is no longer promoted as an acceptable norm, in order to protect people's health. In the case of climate change the impacts are far greater and impact millions of species.

'eco' F1 car will emit 5x the CO2 of a typical British lifestyle per year

F1 burns nearly 7 million gallons of aviation fuel each year for transportation.

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