Nanoplastics Are Invading Our Blood, Cells, and Organs. Companies Must Go Plastic-Free Now!

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  • destinatário: US, EU, Japan, India
You've probably already heard that, on average, we're drinking a credit card's worth of microplastics every single week. That already sounded bad, but now we're learning more information - and it's worse.

Researchers just published a groundbreaking study showing that, on average, plastic water bottles sold at grocery stores contain 240,000 pieces of nanoplastics that then spread throughout our bodies.

Nanoplastics are even tinier than microplastics - which makes them more dangerous for human health. They shed from plastic products, including water bottles and takeaway food containers.

There's one way to stop this horrible trend now: companies must no longer be allowed to produce or use plastic products for food and beverages. Sign the petition to major world governments now!

Because of their infinitesimally tiny size, nanoplastics can travel into and invade our cells, bloodstreams, and organs - including our brains. In fact, some studies have even identified nanoplastics and microplastics in human placentas, meaning we can pass these along to the next generation of children - before they've even had a chance to properly ingest tiny plastic particles for themselves.

Additionally, plastics are manufactured using a variety of chemicals, and are themselves made out of fossil fuels. Plastics deposited in our bodies have been linked to cellular and endocrine disruption. This is what is now lodged inside our bodies, and they don't disappear. The particles just build up more and more inside our systems.

No generation on Earth has ever faced this level of plastic pollution or plastic usage. And now it's having a frightening effect. Luckily, there are alternatives to plastic. Some are new technologies, like compostable products, and others have existed for generations, including the use of metal, paper, and glass instead.

That's why we're calling on major international governments, including the United States, European Union, India, and Japan to ban corporations from using or manufacturing plastic. Companies must be required to replace these toxic polymers with sustainable, healthy alternatives instead! Sign the petition to protect human health and the environment now!
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