Thank President Biden for taking action to protect contraception

President Biden recently signed an Executive Order to strengthen access to contraception. This is an important step to protect reproductive rights in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.  

We want to thank President Biden for taking action to protect contraception. Please join us and add your name >>

This action comes at a critical time: State reps in red states across the country have considered banning condoms, IUDs and other forms of birth control. The implications are horrifying. 

Birth control has had a profound impact on women's lives and their roles in society. Since having access to birth control, women have been able to decide if and when to have children, improve their overall health and wellbeing, and fulfill their educational and professional aspirations.

Biden's Executive Order sends a strong message to Republicans: We will not go backwards. Add your name to thank Biden for taking action to protect contraception >> 

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